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Colerain High School Alumni Association

     More and more of our friends, classmates and faculty are on the Internet these days, and it seems that "everyone" has an e-mail address. If you would like to be included on this list, just e-mail us at or fill out our records update form.
     Include your current postal address, home telephone number and spouse name (with class year, if a Colerain alumnus).  This will ensure that you will receive Alumni Chatter, our newsletter mailed in the spring and fall.
     Visit often to view an updated list.

Class Year Last Name
1925-1959 A - B
1960-1964 C - E
1965-1969 F - H
1970-1974 I - L
1975-1979 M - O
1980-1984 P - R
1985-1989 S - T
1990-1994 U - Z

Name (Maiden) [Year]
Douglas Caddell [1980]Rose Cade (Reiff) [1961]
Karen S Cady (Sharp) [1978]Frank Cahall [1982]
Karen Cahall (Frey) [1982]Mark Cahall [1987]
Christopher D Cahill [1993]Jamie Cahill [1995]
Sherree A Cain (Tucker) [1972]Pamela Calardo (Williams) [1972]
Melanie Jo Caldwell (Stigall) [1999]Laura Call (Auble) [1987]
Chelsea Callahan [2003]Phil Callahan [1965]
Sheryl Calson (Weigand) [1970]David Camp [1981]
Jessica Marie Camp (Bias) [2000]Annette Campbell (Kunkel) [1978]
Buddy Campbell [1985]Daniel Campbell [2002]
David W Campbell [1965]Diane Lynn Campbell (Decker) [1977]
Edward R Campbell [1979]Erica Campbell (Campbell) [2000]
Holly Campbell [2003]James Campbell [1998]
James Teri Campbell [1980]John Campbell [1970]
Joseph C [joe] Campbell [1969]Lisa Campbell (Thomas) [1983]
Mary Jo Campbell (Minnich) [1979]Ruth L Campbell (Vestring) [1988]
Sandi Campbell (Kidd) [1982]Shannon J Campbell [1994]
Susan J Campbell (Brestel) [1959]Susan L Campbell (Shaffer) [1982]
Suzanne Campbell (Turner) [1963]Teresa A [terri] Campbell (Bonfield) [1971]
Victoria Campbell (Murray) [1979]Carmine C [chris] Campione [1984]
Brad D Canning [1988]Ryan Canning [1996]
Carol Cannon (Frick) [1961]Kimberly G Cannon (Fox) [1980]
Andrea Canny (Canny) [1983]Timothy Canny [1979]
Jacqueline Capano (Ahr) [1982]Steven Capano [1981]
Lisa J Cape (Woodhouse) [1993]John Capelle [1963]
Christopher Cappel [1990]Jeffrey [jeff] Cappel [1985]
Kimberly Cappel (Huemmer) [1980]Steven F Cappel [1980]
Tom Cappel [1981]Lawrence Capuder [1977]
Anthony Caradonna [2003]Catherine Carballo (De La Torre) [1998]
Leigh Cardwell (Ellis) [1973]Kimberly R Carey (Kerkhoff) [1979]
Wayne A Carey [1967]Megan Carl [2002]
Bob Carle [1974]Kevin Carle [1997]
Ivy A Carlotta (Mechler) [1973]Loraine Carlotta (Zoetmulder) [1979]
Robert Carlson [1966]Donald Carpenter [1975]
Kenneth G Carpenter [1965]Richard Pete Carpenter [1987]
Tonya Carpenter (Daniels) [1989]Steven M Carr [1967]
Jeffrey Carrico [1980]Jeremy Michael Carrier [2000]
Jessica Carrier [2002]Anna M [ann] Carrington (Egbert) [1946]
Brian Carroll [1985]Carla Carroll (Hilvers) [1979]
Diane M Carroll (Schlueter) [1974]John Carroll [1988]
Julie L Carroll (Klare) [1988]Joseph Carson [1988]
Minnie Carson (Maier) [1996]Candace J Carte (Wohl) [1969]
Clinton Carter [1987]Dorothy Carter (Lewis) [1978]
Lynn Carter (Carter) [2002]Ryan M Carter [1999]
Dorothy Caruso (Mendenhall) [1974]Mark Casada [1980]
Denise K Casali (Kopp) [1965]Scott Casbeer [1986]
Stephen Casbeer [1980]James E Case [1984]
Jan Case (Stortz) [1987]Don Casey [1972]
Jennifer Casey (Holbrook) [1998]Shari Cashman [1979]
Cheryl Caskey (Hartsock) [1966]Pamela R Cassero (Mueller) [1971]
Karla J Cassidy (Fields) [1994]Steven B Cassidy [1999]
Laura J Cassini [1973]Cristen Casteel [2000]
Karen Castile (Branscome) [1966]Janice C Castle (Spilker) [1965]
Jo Ann Catron [1976]Brian K Caudill [1990]
Marketta Caulfield [1970]James C Caveman [1971]
Marilyn E Caveman (Stout) [1971]Sharon Cecil (Justice) [1964]
Beth Ceddia (Cox) [1982]Gil Ceder [1994]
Dean Celenza [1979]Vicki Celenza (Heitman) [1973]
Jay C Celesti [1968]Francis A Cella [1973]
Jamie Cella (Roden) [1979]Shelby Chaden (Jackson) [1964]
Randall A Chadwick [1994]Alexandra Chalk (Braley) [1987]
Glenna Chamblin (Greer) [1972]Becky Chandler (Symmonds) [1979]
Edwin B Chandler [1972]Tammy Chandler (Hesterberg) [1979]
Kit Chape [1957]Dennis B Chapman [1962]
Douglas Chapman [1995]Jeff S Chapman [1983]
Scott Chapman [2001]Theodore Chapman [1969]
Terry Chappell [1997]Jack Chard [1984]
William G Chase [1971]Barb Chavious (Ott) [1964]
Kelly Cheek (Church) [1980]Sandra O Cheek (York) [1969]
Mark Chenoweth [1974]Sarah Chiasson (Dartnall) [1984]
Karen A Childs (Cox) [1983]Gary Chinn [1970]
Michael R Chinn [1987]Sarah M Chisom (Hamberg) [1998]
Larry Chrisman [1982]Scott Christensen [1980]
Gregg Church [1989]Michael A Cioffi [1990]
Charles (fred) Ciucci [1960]Donald H Ciucci [1962]
Jill Clajus (Myers) [1983]Brian M Clapp [1985]
Shelly M Clapp (Schrudder) [1985]Amy Clark [1997]
Andy Clark [1982]Bryan Clark [1991]
Chris Clark [1980]Jacqueline Clark [1979]
Jeffrey S Clark [1982]Julie A Clark (Rohner) [1979]
Roger Clark [1962]Scott Clark [1976]
Thomas Clark [1969]Timothy Clark [1977]
Mariann Clarke (Cotterell) [1981]William F Clatfelter [1965]
Diane Clavier (Feldman) [1989]Janice Clawson (Mattfeld) [1955]
Emerald Clay [2002]Jason Clay [1995]
Karen Claybaugh [1978]Kelleigh L Claywell (Cramer) [1995]
Connie Cleary (Drake) [1973]Timothy Cleary [1977]
Jerilyn [jeri] Clegg (Brestel) [1960]Jeffrey Clements [1975]
Steve Clements [1964]David L Clevenger [1984]
Thomas Clevenger [1981]Traci Click (Brauch) [1987]
Kelly M Clifford (Anderson) [1977]Virgil T [tom] Clifford [1962]
Linda Clifton [1991]Brian D Clingner [1990]
Jennifer D Clippard [1994]Marketa Clippard (Bastl) [1992]
Robert S Clippard [1992]Shelle Clontz (Skinner) [1983]
Kelly A Clore (Mark) [1978]Darlene Clott (Ohlmansiek) [1968]
Jody Clyde [2002]Karen L Coad (Varland) [1987]
Gary E Cobb [1967]Jessica Cobb [2009]
Lynn A Cobb (Schmidt) [1981]Ronald Cobb [1981]
Amy Cochran (Whitaker) [1987]Laura Cockman (Stewart) [1972]
Sandra Cody (Plummer) [1977]Kristen Coffaro [2004]
David Coffey [1975]Robert W Coffey [1988]
Elda Cofield (Schmidt) [1966]Angela Cogozzo (Hadsell) [1988]
Karen Cogozzo (Miniard) [1979]Tracy J Cohee (Haimbach) [1991]
Donna S Cohen (Buchholz) [1972]Susan Cohen [1984]
Brandon S Cole [2004]Carol Cole (Nerswick) [1984]
Clifford Cole [1973]David E Cole [1991]
Deborah A [deb] Cole [1984]Diane L Cole (Dodd) [1975]
Ken Cole [1996]Michael D Cole [1994]
Cynthia V Colegate [1970]Floyd G Colegate [1971]
Daniel C Coleman [1977]Rebecca Coleman (Weingartner) [1995]
Carla Colina (Hafer) [1983]Carol Collett (Bruns) [1964]
Karen Colley (Shelton) [1966]Kimberly Collings (Wagner) [1972]
Janet Collins (Westrich) [1972]Karen L Collins (Boehm) [1973]
Kim Collins (Essert) [1981]Melissa Collins (Miller) [2002]
Michael Collins [1966]Daniel Colussi [1981]
David Colussi [1980]Ginger Colwell (Laub) [1989]
Kelly Colwell (Wilson) [1997]Jennifer Combs [1995]
Kimberly Combs (Rush) [1985]M Gail Combs (Nicastro) [1984]
Ashley Comello (Comello) [2004]William Comello Jr [2002]
Elizabeth Comings (Ray) [1971]Herma Edith Compton (Blesi) [1959]
Lisa M Compton (Thomas) [1992]James Conatser [1966]
Jonathan W Conaway [1992]Michelle Conaway (Delaney) [1993]
Mike Condo [1964]Craig Congdon [1968]
Elizabeth Conley (Picciano) [1998]Janet Conley (Shifflett) [1971]
Rita A Conley (Steinmann) [1970]Fred Conrad [1972]
Thomas A Conroy [1966]David Contant [1987]
Carol Convertine [1971]Erin A Conway [1999]
Barry Cook [1966]David Cook [1986]
Heather Cook (Decker) [1988]Kimberly Cook (Danzinger) [1988]
Lori A Cook (Swagart) [1984]Sarah Cook (Marcucci) [2001]
Sharon [sherri] Cook (Krieg) [1977]Timothy L Cook [1987]
Carol CookeJanice Cookson (Murphy) [1973]
Holly Coombs (Gibson) [1981]Kerry Coombs [1979]
Kevin Coombs [1980]Kristofer Coombs [1984]
James Coon [1969]Amanda R Cooper [2004]
Brian Cooper [2002]Ian Philip Cooper [2000]
Joseph Cooper [1982]Sarah Cooper (Schrand) [1995]
William F Cooper [1985]Zachary Cooper [2001]
Blake Coors [2003]Gregory Cope [1972]
Angela M Copenhaver (Jacobs) [1994]Darrell R Copenhaver [1982]
Robert Copenhaver [1961]Sandra L Copenhaver (Wernz) [1967]
Tim Copenhaver [1965]James Copley [1986]
Sheila Cordea (Budke) [1987]Cynthia Cordell [1989]
Stephanie Cordell [1998]Kimberly Cordes (Durham) [1981]
Pat Cordova (Huss) [1958]Tammy L Cordray (Rush) [1988]
Alexander Cordrey [1991]Janice R Corico (Wilson) [1968]
Denise Corlies (Odell) [1971]Kevin Cornell [1979]
Pamela F Cornett (Adler) [1976]Rachel Cornett (Neal) [1999]
Diane Cornish (Wiesmann) [1975]Carolyn Corrigan [1978]
David E Corry [1980]Keith Corry [1986]
Steven E Corry [1985]Sean Cosgrove [2000]
Kimberly L Costanzo (Mcqueen) [1990]Nancy C Costello (Herbert) [1974]
Douglas R Coster [1994]Gregory M Coster [1988]
Karen L Coster (Stehlin) [1996]Robert Coster [1961]
Michael Cotterell [1973]Anthony Cotto [1983]
Russ Cottrell [1978]Denise Couch (Kidwell) [1972]
John Couch [1969]Sandra (sandi) Couch (Bosse) [1975]
Cathy Coughlin (Harmann) [1955]Robert Coughlin [1956]
Christine Coulter (Carlton) [1986]Christina Courter [2003]
Mary Covert (Schunk) [1961]Kelly L Covington (Bricking) [1990]
David Cox [1997]David Cox [1975]
Gloria J Cox (Stewart) [1972]Jennie Cox (Stockhoff) [1977]
Nancy Cox (Cox) [1973]Pam Cox (Tarter) [1973]
Robin Cox (Edwards) [1986]Steven Cox [1975]
Lauren Coyle [1998]Shannon Coyle (Brimelow) [2003]
David Crabtree [1988]Cynthia Craig (Kathman) [1975]
Jacqueline Craig (Dent) [1980]Joshua Craig [1999]
Ronald S Craig [1976]Tammy Craig (Stacey) [1980]
Janet L Cramer (Armbruster) [1962]Danny Craven [1978]
David C Craven [1990]Catherine Craver (Ellman) [1985]
Carrie B Crawford (Angel) [1991]Diane Crawford (Stopper) [1963]
John E Crawford [1966]Martel Crawford [2012]
Susan L Crawford [1970]John Craynon [1977]
Becky Creager (Bicknaver) [1979]Roger W Creasy [1966]
Glenn Alan Creech [1980]Kenneth C Creech [1967]
Betty Creedon (Lewis) [1959]Tim Creighton [1978]
Laura Crew (Snow) [1959]Amy L Cribbet [1993]
Kara M Crider [2001]Kathleen Crider (Allen) [1970]
Margaret A Crisp (Mccarty) [1973]Angela Crissinger (Frey) [1997]
Jackie Cronin (Parker) [1966]Tracy Cronin [1996]
Joe Crooker [1975]Douglas Cropper [1974]
Dena Cross (Mcgaughey) [1985]Jeffrey Cross [1994]
Jennifer Cross [2003]Misty Cross [1994]
Gina Crossen (Selvaggio) [1997]Connie Crossley (Motsinger) [1970]
Cathy S Crouch (Heineman) [1978]Everett Crouch [1972]
Lee Crouch [1995]Theresa Crouch (Berg) [1977]
Constance Crowe (Conley) [1969]Kate Crowell [1993]
Patrick M Crowley [1978]Alysa A Croxton [2001]
David Crum [1984]Lisa Crum (Mcpherson) [1984]
Michael Crum [2001]Robin J Crum (Buckmeier) [1976]
Sandra Crum (Smith) [1984]Steven R Crum [1974]
Steven Cruz [1996]William Cruz [1999]
Gina Culbertson (Martini) [1982]Johnathan Cullum [2013]
Kelly Cullum (Ernst) [1980]Rick Cullum [1973]
Zachary Cummings [2003]Lynn Cummins (Millard) [1977]
Deborah Cundiff (Nichols) [1974]Cheryl J Cundy (Stohr) [1986]
Glenn Cunningham [1978]Kenneth Cunningham [1971]
Michelle Cunningham (Robinson) [1977]Jennifer Curran [2003]
Linda Curran (Robinson) [1971]Michael Curran [1966]
Bonnie Currens (Mieling) [1980]Sheree Curtis (Harris) [1974]
Tara Curtis (Lucas) [1987]Donna R Cyphert (Soden) [1962]
Holly Czimbal [1997]Bob D'agnillo [1980]
Bradley D'agnillo [2008]Tom D'agnillo [1977]
Thomas D'erminio [1970]Joanne N D'orazio-peterson (D'orazio) [1985]
Sarah Dababneh [1999]Shaunna Dace (Kratzer) [1995]
Jason R Dahlheimer [1992]Jeffrey D Daiker [1985]
Jennifer C Daiker (Kottman) [1990]Jerry C Daiker [1962]
Julie Daiker (Friesen) [1985]Marilyn Daiker (Carroll) [1962]
Janice Dailey (Marrs) [1972]Jennifer L Dakoske-koslu (Dakoske) [1988]
Steven Daley [2000]Phillip M Dalton [1994]
Jen Daly (Glazell) [2002]Mary J Damon (Sheriff) [1961]
Lauren Dangel [2004]Glenn Daniel [1966]
Joan Daniel (Doppler) [1967]Larnie Daniel [1963]
Lynn A Daniel (Wehrman) [1974]Rebecca Daniel [1999]
Teri M Daniel (Bredemeier) [1992]Debbie Daniels [1974]
Frances Daniels (Lane) [1962]Jennifer Daniels (Ludwig) [1989]
Ora Daniels (Daniels) [2003]Jonathan B Dann [1962]
Michael Dann [1968]Donna J Dannen (Harward) [1967]
Bryan Dant [1982]Missi Dant [1977]
Mary Danzinger (Kaiser) [1963]Lauren Dardeen (Bell) [1975]
Kris Darlington (Ochs) [1983]Debbi L Date (Odell) [1973]
Angie Dattilio (Smith) [1983]Christin Daugherty (Miller) [2002]
Cristi Daugherty (Daugherty) [1995]Andrea Dautel (Lowery) [1972]
Evon Davenport (Smith) [1968]Linda Davenport (Eller) [1977]
Gregg Davey [1982]Susan Davey (Davey) [1988]
Yvonne A Davey (Adams) [1982]Ann E Davidson (Punch) [1986]
Cindy Davidson (Meyer) [1973]Regina A Davidson (Reenan) [1992]
Allen Davis [1954]Anita Davis (Schwarz) [1964]
Anthony P Davis [1989]Bill Davis [1962]
Brandy Davis (Terrell) [1999]Cheryl Davis (Bernhardt) [1976]
Dana M Davis (Daniel) [1994]Denise Davis (Forney) [1969]
Dennis Davis [1967]Donna Davis (Ritchie) [1979]
Greg Davis [1975]Hugh Davis [1967]
James Davis [1998]James L Davis [1981]
James M Davis [1963]Jeanette Davis (Wenzel) [1954]
Jennie Davis [2000]Kathleen Davis (Donahue) [1961]
Katrina Davis [1995]Kimberly A Davis (Gutfreund) [1991]
Mark A Davis [1982]Mark G Davis [1991]
Mike Davis [1979]Monique Davis [2005]
Rick G Davis [1976]Robert Davis [1989]
Ron Davis [1973]Shela Davis (Roth)
Stephanie N Davis (Grimes) [1998]Susan Davis [1980]
William Davis Iii [1980]William Davis Iii (Roth) [1980]
Christopher J Davolos [1975]Angela Dawson [1997]
Christopher Day [1994]Matthew A Day [1995]
Michele L Day (Williams) [1990]N Raymond Day [1959]
Rickie Day [1971]Robert Day [1965]
Shaun Day [2008]Steven Day [1971]
Peeyush Dayal [1989]Shane Dayter [1998]
Kevin De Wald [1974]Roberta(bertie) Dean (Mcqueen) [1965]
Tammy Dearinger (Cosgrove) [1989]Beth A Dearwester (Thomas) [1980]
Teresa A Decastro (Homeyer) [1980]Mathw Deck [1998]
Michael Deck [1984]Donald [don] Decker [1984]
Jeff Decker [1981]Angela Deets [1992]
Theresa M Defife (Espel) [1994]Veronica L [roni] Defosha (Dwyer) [1979]
Laurie L Degroot [1994]Vera E Deing [1976]
Alison Delgado (Bedingfield) [2001]Kathi Delis (Briede) [1970]
Joan Deluse (Kroeger) [1947]Patricia Demain (Mcgovern) [1964]
Donald Demerle [1986]Richard Demerle [1980]
Andrew J Demeropolis [1974]Nancy Dempster (Zupancic) [1972]
Jessica Denewitt [1998]Patrick Denier [1973]
Bryan W Denney [1983]Mark Denney [1989]
Scott Denney [1984]Harold W Dennon [1975]
David Denny [1979]William Denton [1961]
Marilyn Derfus [1965]Ryan Desjardins [2000]
Kathy Desmidt (Carr) [1974]Lisa Destazio (Hebel) [1986]
Natalie Detrick (Kuyper) [1997]Allison C Detzel (Winkler) [2000]
Ashley Detzel [2003]Thomas M [tom] Devanney [1959]
Charles Dewald [1988]Richard E Dewald [1982]
Robin Dewald (Hunter) [1988]Tim Dewald [1984]
Robert C Dewbrey [1971]Suellen R Dewers-marchant (Ruhl) [1958]
Patricia A Dews (Wingerberg) [1969]Janice M Deye (Mccloskey) [1971]
Gary M Di Muzio [1975]Karen Di Santo (King) [1984]
Tonya R Diamon (Moore) [1988]Brenda Diaz (Guinn) [1973]
Alex Dicecco [1980]Michael Dicecco [1986]
Tony Dicecco [1989]Barry Dick [1972]
Irene L Dick (Mcfarland) [1968]James Dick [1961]
Shelley Dick (Baer) [1972]Dennis L Dickerson [1964]
Diane D Dickerson (Davolos) [1971]Erin Dickerson (Shepard) [1998]
Pat Dickerson (Lucken) [1961]Donald Dickinson [2004]
Jeffrey P Dickman [1975]Teri Dickman (Wessel) [1980]
Mychael Dicks [2005]H David Diebel [1967]
Marla Diedling [1998]Kim Diefenbacher (Saylor) [1979]
Jared Diegmueller [1998]Vanessa Diegmueller (Merianos) [1976]
Holly Dier (Deitemeier) [1973]Dan Diersing [1956]
Evelyn Diersing (Lewis) [1958]Kathy Diersing (Stewart) [1962]
Deborah Dietrich (Crooker) [1969]Sharon Dietrich (Harris) [1970]
William Dietrich [1969]Jerry W Dilk [1965]
Michelle A Dillion (Mueller) [1990]Patricia A Dilonardo (Wright) [1987]
Michael Lawrence Dilworth [2000]Keith Dimarco [2002]
Melissa Dimarco (Fennell) [2002]Gary Dimuzio [1975]
Rick Dimuzio [1984]Cindy S Dinevski (Todorovski) [1983]
Elizabeth Dinevski [2013]Tracy Dinsmore (Fugate) [1995]
Christina A Dipietro (Heagerty) [1994]Melissa Dischar (Crane) [1997]
Venetta M Disel (Vogt) [1991]Andrew W Distel [1994]
Daniel Distel [1998]Matthew D Distel [1990]
Michael L Distel [1994]Alan Distler [1968]
Andy L Distler [1978]David Distler [1965]
Douglas Distler [1963]Maryalyce Distler (Hammond) [1965]
Luciana Ditullio (Palmisano) [1995]Jessica Dixon [2000]
Mark Dixon [1982]Fran Doane (Eickbusch) [1964]
Teresa C Doar (Hinkle) [1978]Pamela Dockery (Baldrick) [1974]
Doug Dodd [1977]Angela Dodge (Adams) [1989]
Michael Dodge [1989]Rick Doerflein [1984]
Don Doerger [1964]Sharon Doering (Clippard) [1994]
Alan L Doerman [1967]Jason Doerman [1996]
Amanda Dolan (Grooms) [2000]Linda C Dolan (Capano) [1972]
Bryant Dold [1983]Gerald M Doll [1965]
Robb M Doll [1992]Douglas Doller [1964]
Jane Doller (Heckman) [1973]Laura Dombek [1996]
Mark B Dombek [1991]Lance Donaldson [1972]
Nancy Donathan (Zeis) [1970]Susan Dong (Matre) [1970]
Carole L Donohoo (Mcgraw) [1963]Terry J Donohue [1964]
Earl Dooley [1971]Michael Dooley [1985]
Patrick Dooley [1975]Dennis Doolittle [1963]
Barbara A Doran (Szabo) [1975]Patty Doran (Holiday) [1980]
Cindy L Dorey (Day) [1973]Lauren Dorfman (Dorfman) [1998]
Bas Dorland [1994]Connie Dorrmann [1969]
James D Dorrmann [1977]Stephanie Doty (Doty) [1966]
Timothy J Dougherty [1972]Christopher Doughman [1999]
Gordon Doughman [1973]Jeff Doughman [1976]
Steven Doughman [1998]Pam R Douglas [1980]
David Dourson [1978]John Dourson [1984]
Katie Dourson (Dourson) [1999]Kimberly [kim] Dourson (Woodwell) [1985]
Angela Douthitt (Lowe) [1984]Gina Dowers (Seiler) [1978]
Jill Dowers [1998]Rose-marie Dowers (Albers) [1980]
Michele Downard (Ashcraft) [1992]James R Downie [1967]
Barbara Downs (Browne) [1976]Patricia Downs (Compton) [1973]
Ruth Doyle (Gandenberger) [1969]David Draginoff [1988]
Nicholas Draginoff [1986]Alisha S Drake [1999]
Susan Drake [1984]Linda Draney (Kuhlman) [1965]
Barbara Drees (Lies) [1978]John Drees [1968]
Paul Drees [1964]Sharlene Dreier (Foley) [1971]
Mark Dresselhaus [1989]Debra J Drew [1980]
Elizabeth K Drewes [2004]David Drexler [1984]
Robert Drexler [1979]Cynthia Dreyer (Sappe) [1975]
Janet Dreyer (Schroot) [1977]Michael Dreyer [1972]
Richard Dreyer [1984]Karen A Drifmeyer (Roberto) [1972]
Christina Drinnen (Finley) [1996]Erica Drinnen [1999]
Erin Drinnen [1998]Mark Driscoll [1971]
Richard Driscoll [1961]Thomas [tom] Driscoll [1959]
Wendy M Driscoll (Martin) [1959]Ted Dronebarger [1984]
Jarred Joseph Droppelman [2000]Nancy Droste (Weber) [1965]
Norwood Druck [1969]Ben Drummer [1988]
Amy Dryer (Clippard) [1997]Erin E Ducey [1995]
Greg A Dudsic [1988]J Adam Dudsic [1980]
Bill Duecker [1959]David Duecker [1966]
Joan Duecker (Baumann) [1959]Judith Duecker (Feldman) [1969]
Mitchell Duell [2013]Pamela Duemig (Shaffer) [1981]
Lori Duenhoft (West) [1982]Kevin Duffens [2000]
Kyle Duffens [2002]William Dufford [1990]
Robert Duffy [1976]Kerry K Dugan [1987]
Laverne Dugan (Herrmann) [1945]Timothy W [tim] Duggins [1987]
Ole C Duhn [1976]Bryan Dumford [1987]
Daniel Dummitt [1998]David M Dunaway [1976]
Lynn M Duncan (Bischof) [1975]Nicole Duncan (Breeden) [1997]
Robert Duncan [1988]Christina Dungan [2002]
Jill A Dunham [1975]Craig Dunn [1982]
Dewana Dunn (Guill) [1996]R Chadwick Dunn [1993]
Randall Dunn [1978]Scott Dunn [1980]
Larson Dunn Jr. [1973]Bernard Dunnock [1984]
Dennis Dupps [1965]Jeffrey Durbin [1973]
Susan R Durbin (Wood) [1972]Jackie Durham (Wickemeier) [1954]
Mary E Durkin (Fain) [1982]Terry Durrette [1970]
Charlotte Durst (O'shea) [1973]Brittany Dyce (Detzel) [2005]
Anne Dye (Graham) [1957]Amanda M Dziech [1999]
Dave Eads [1989]Tracy Eads (Hirsch) [1989]
Teresa Earhart (Fishbaugh) [1976]Rich Earls [1973]
Joanne Easley (Easley) [1970]Richard (dick) Easley [1963]
Vicki L Easley (Valentour) [1971]Greg D Eastham [1975]
Jo Ann Eastham [1976]Jeffery A Eberlein [1977]
Linda L Ebersole (Ruedenauer) [1966]Darryl Echoles [1984]
James M Eckert [1972]Heather Eckhoff (Adams) [1987]
Andrew Edelen [1986]Christopher Edelen [1984]
Dan Edelen [1981]Cassie Edens [2003]
Kenneth M Eder [1967]Jan Edlund (Ketcham) [1961]
Althea F Edwards (Braun) [1963]Angela L Edwards (Dant) [1990]
David L Edwards [1971]Jennifer Edwards (Engel) [1994]
Kelly Edwards (Lloyd) [1996]Pat Edwards (Wood) [1964]
Ray Edwards [1970]V Incent Edwards [1982]
Michael [mike] Egan [1965]Michael A Egan [1986]
Shelly L Egan (Wessels) [1994]Theresa Egbers (Martin) [1982]
Louis Egbert [1994]Brian P Eger [1976]
Charlie Eger [1973]Sadie Eger (Kidd) [1972]
Harold L Eggers [1966]Bill L Egner [1974]
Johanna Egner [1969]Thomas A Egner [1966]
Alison R Eheman (Bowman) [1981]Kenneth E Eheman [1984]
Mark [tex] Ehlers [1989]Amy C Ehling (Stortz) [1988]
Gary S Ehling [1988]Anna Ehrenschwender (Stefanopoulos) [1981]
Donald W Ehrhardt [1968]Megan Ehrman [2013]
L Karen Eichelbrenner (Lippert) [1975]Bruce C Eichenberger [1971]
Doug Eikens [1985]Jeffery W Eikens [1980]
Julia Eikens (Eikens) [1992]Jan Eilers (Freireich) [1965]
Tammy A Eisn (Pierce) [1981]Mark Elam [1977]
Tara Eldred (Eldred) [1996]Fred Elig [1966]
Jerome C Ellaback [1967]Joshua T Eller [1999]
Brad Elliot [2003]Amy L Elliott (Jansen) [1992]
Daniel [danny] Elliott [1996]Moeisha Elliott (Spears) [1993]
Terry Elliott [2000]Ann Ellis (Ourada) [1974]
Dan Ellis [1991]Delmer Ellis [1969]
Donald Ellis [1976]Donna Ellis (Fessler) [1970]
Eric J Ellis [1988]Nicolas Ellis [2011]
Sheila Ellis (Knollman) [1979]Carol Ellison (Stewart) [1967]
Sandra Elsbernd (Harvey) [1973]Carol A Elsen (Bowles) [1965]
Robert Elsener [1971]Anita E Elsnau (Dews) [1956]
Rick L Embleton [1973]Sharon Emeigh (Derfus) [1969]
Elaine M Emerich (Roth) [1976]Brian Emerson [1982]
Linda Emerson (Lemons) [1982]Elizabeth Emery (Mushaben) [1986]
Joseph D Emery [1999]Alyssa Enderle [2008]
Cindy Enderle (Bolte) [1980]Leanne Enderle (Ellis) [1965]
Phyllis Enderle (Huss) [1954]David Endres [1986]
Ella Jean Endres (Hamilton) [1959]Ellen E Endres (Engel) [1986]
James R Endres [1981]Julie Endres (Hase) [1996]
Phillip Endres [1957]Tim Endres [1999]
Anthony C Engel [1984]Carolyn E Engel [1966]
Dave Engel [1970]James Engel [2000]
Rhonda Engel (Marsh) [1972]Scott Engel [1979]
Lawrence G [jerry] Engelke [1960]Beverly A England (Robbins) [1963]
Eric K England [1997]Gary L England [1971]
Charles J Engle [1971]Karen Engle (Gloeckler) [1963]
Varian Engle [1994]Gerry Engler (Davis) [1959]
Bruce E Engstrom [1986]Angela Enneking (Lasita) [1999]
Ethan B Eppinghoff [1991]Angela Epure (Robinson) [1989]
Daniel Epure [1986]Gayla Epure (Bernhardt) [1973]
Gregory G Epure [1971]Janet Epure (Hildebrand) [1977]
Jerome Epure [1972]Monica Epure [2000]
Roger Epure [1983]Scott Epure [1981]
Thomas Erb [1981]Robert Erbs [1970]
Karen Erdman (Schneider) [1976]Amber Erickson [1996]
Bonnie Erickson (Betz) [1964]C Brent Erickson [1970]
Ronald Craig Erickson [1965]Somer Alane Erickson [2000]
Paul Ericson [1964]Victor L Ericson [1958]
Jonathan D Erion [1995]Cynthia Ernst (Pfirrman) [1968]
Kendra J Ernst [1990]Lisa Ernst (Flanagan) [1991]
Nancy Ernst (Heisler) [1983]Sara L Ernst (Walters) [1988]
Kim M Ernsting (Mitroff) [1975]Kristina Ertel (Hacker) [2000]
Kristina Lynn Ertel (Hacker) [2000]Robert M [bobby] Ertel [1988]
David L Eslick [1977]Kristin Espinosa (Kiger) [2002]
Linda Esposito (Stevenson) [1974]Randy Essert [1974]
Ereico Essex [2000]Joann Esterkamp (Hronek) [1963]
Jennifer Estes (Schweitzer) [1996]Rick G Estes [1973]
Jennifer L Etler (Ruehl) [1984]Vernon Etler [1977]
Donald F Etson [1949]Julie Eubank (Reck) [1986]
Dante Eubanks [1992]Tina Eubanks (Noschang) [1984]
Brendalee Evangelo (Musselman) [1979]Angelia Evans (Mullins) [1994]
Linda Evans (Mcneil) [1964]Randal Evans [1971]
Cari Evans-larkin (Collier) [1995]Fatima Even (Aquino) [1996]
Sandy Everett (Macdonald) [1978]Chereasa Everhart (Williams) [2000]
Cathy J Evers (Borin) [1972]Edwina Evers (Cook) [1978]
Rick A Evers [1972]Vaughn M Evert [1991]
Teri Eyer (Schulz) [1983]Kimberly Eyler (Mays) [1999]

NOTE: This list is for classmates to communicate and stay in touch with one another.
Please do not use it for mass mailings or solicitations.
Thank you.

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