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Colerain High School Alumni Association

     More and more of our friends, classmates and faculty are on the Internet these days, and it seems that "everyone" has an e-mail address. If you would like to be included on this list, just e-mail us at or fill out our records update form.
     Include your current postal address, home telephone number and spouse name (with class year, if a Colerain alumnus).  This will ensure that you will receive Alumni Chatter, our newsletter mailed in the spring and fall.
     Visit often to view an updated list.

Class Year Last Name
1925-1959 A - B
1960-1964 C - E
1965-1969 F - H
1970-1974 I - L
1975-1979 M - O
1980-1984 P - R
1985-1989 S - T
1990-1994 U - Z

Name (Maiden) [Year]
Fred W Mabry [1971]Jean E Mabry (Beddard) [1980]
Thomas A [butch] Mabry [1966]Christi Macaluso (Mapes) [1991]
Brad Macbrair [1997]Darlene Merle Macdonald (Macdonald) [1973]
Michael Macdonald [2001]Patrick J Macdonald [1979]
Sharon L Macdonald (Ahr) [1981]Terri Macdonald (Brady) [1984]
Kevin W Mace [1993]Nicole Mace [2002]
Robert A Mace [1969]Andrew Macgee [1974]
Kim Mack [1970]Randy Mack [1965]
David S Mackay [1980]Kevin J Macke [1984]
Melissa Mackendrick (Bowman) [2000]Georgette N Mackenzie (Tymitz) [1965]
John Mackenzie [1963]Madeline J Macy (Day) [1971]
Rebecca Madariaga (Yosafat) [1993]Lajuanna Maddox [2004]
Sandra [sandy] Madill (Lindell) [1982]Donald L Maes [1969]
Marlene Maes (Baird) [1969]Jeffrey Magee [1988]
Neil Fred Magee [1971]Patrick Magee [1984]
Connie Mages (Taylor) [1969]Cami Magette [1996]
Robin L Maggard (Skinner) [1987]Michelle Magin [1993]
David M Magly [1985]Lena Magly (Corwin) [1956]
Martin G Magly [1965]Daniel Magness [2005]
Sandy Magness (Patterson) [1973]Jennifer S Magreevy (Ziegler) [1995]
Cathleen Mahaffey (Huffman) [1979]Christine R Maher (Lucas) [1981]
Christopher W Maher [2001]Robert R Mahl [1977]
Linda S Mahoney (Ochs) [1974]Cynthia Maichle (Welch) [1977]
Robert Maichle [1974]Ronald Maichle [1975]
Alec T Maier [1999]Richard Maier [1957]
Barbara R Maierhofer (Louis) [1957]Angela Maines (Hatfield) [1996]
Tanya Maisch (Miller) [1986]Janet Malenfant (Watts) [1987]
Amy Maley (Engle) [1995]Latasha R Mallory [1999]
Curtis Malone [1960]Kristine M Maloof (Gregory) [1978]
Glenn Malool [1973]Guy Malool
Kathy A Mandery (Fleckenstein) [1975]John Maner [1966]
Norman W Manger [1984]Susan V Mangold (Varland) [1989]
Joseph Mangus [1997]Ronald J Mangus [1982]
Shelly Mangus (Ray) [1991]Tamarie Manley (Meinking) [1981]
Frederick Christian Mann [1964]Gary R Manning [1980]
Jeff Manning [1977]Michael L Mansfield [1978]
Tracy Mansfield (Beck) [1987]Alison L Manternach (Piepenbrink) [1994]
Amanda Manthey (Ward) [1997]James Mantock [1972]
James Mapes [1990]Greg Maratta [1979]
Liz M Marchese (Rockey) [1992]Dori Marcotte (Woods) [1987]
Barbara A Marcum (Laker) [1981]Beth Marcus (Tobergta) [1971]
Jenna Maret [2003]Michael N Maringer [1969]
Thomas J [tom] Maringer [1972]Kevin P Mark [1981]
William O Mark [1976]Alan M Markarian [1994]
Donna Marks (Maurits) [1980]Gregory Marks [1980]
Karine Noelle Marks [1983]Lois Marks (Bellman) [1982]
Mary Ellen Marks (Ceder) [1996]Michelle Markus (Miller) [2002]
Julie Marmorstein (Boss) [1959]Deborah A Marple (Mcdowell) [1984]
Michael Marquet [1995]Jeffrey Marsch [1974]
Scott Marsch [1979]Cathy Marsh (Hursong) [1987]
Christopher R Marsh [1991]Janelle Marsh [1998]
Lauryn Marsh [2006]Cindy Marshall (Brenner) [1989]
Eric Marshall [2003]Lyndon Marshall [1983]
Tonya Marshall (Belser) [1986]Amie Martin (Fedeler) [1986]
Brandi Martin (Klein) [1995]Brian Martin [1984]
Dawn Martin (Alexander) [1983]Dewey V [marty] Martin [1969]
Jason E Martin [1993]John Martin [2002]
Linda J Martin (Hornsby) [1974]Marcus Martin [1987]
Mitch Martin [1986]Nancy A Martin (Moeller) [1967]
Ned Martin [1963]Scott Martin [1989]
Steve Martin [1973]Tina Martin [1994]
Linda Martin Keller (Doyle) [1966]Robert Martineau [1972]
Richard Martines [1959]Betz [elizabeth] Martinez (Vogt) [1978]
Kimberly M Martinez (Foerstel) [1983]Kristi Martinez (Munchel) [1996]
Joyce Martini (Meyers) [1965]Mary Martinsen [1981]
Michael Martinsen [1984]Nina Marx [1979]
Jim S Mary [1975]Michael E Mary [1969]
Adam D Marzheuser [2004]Angie Mason (Sajnog) [1991]
Kristi Mason (Shattuck) [1986]Richard T Mason [1969]
Patricia A Massey (Moloney) [1972]James D [jim] Mast [1973]
Vicki Mast (Story) [1973]Laura Masters (Sweeney) [1982]
Kristina M Masterson (Clark) [1993]Rob Masterson [1989]
Scott Mastin [1989]Amy Mastropaolo (Betz) [1982]
Amy Mastropaolo (Listermann) [1977]Dan Mastropaolo [1977]
David E Mastropaolo [1981]Tim Mastropaolo [1978]
Charles Mastrullo [1992]Gerald C [jerry] Masur [1964]
Carolyn [mickey] Mata (Laib) [1962]Lori Mateikat (Mateikat) [1981]
Cecil E Mathai [1991]Cara Matho [1992]
Eugene [gene] Matho [1989]Frederick T Matson [1988]
Perry N Mattan [1978]Cheryl Mattingly (Miller) [1976]
Courtney Mattingly [1996]Lauren Mattox [2000]
Barb Matulionis (Wagner) [1983]Linda G Matus (Kendall) [1972]
Bob Maujer [1968]David Mauney [1979]
Donald Mauney [1973]Robert Mauntel [1979]
Anthony P Maurits [1986]Eric C Maurits [1990]
Jackie Maurits [2000]Jeffrey Maurits [1986]
Joseph Maurits [1998]Laura Maurits (Nieporte) [2000]
Nicholas Mavridoglou [1993]Joann Maxfield (Montgomery) [1970]
Michelle C Maxie (Sutterfield) [1988]Billie May (Byars) [1963]
Linda May (Linz) [1984]Jessica Maybury (Maybury) [1996]
Gary Mayes [1994]Thomas Mayes [1969]
Dameion Mayfield [1996]Wardell Mayfield Jr [1996]
Kim Mayne [1974]Deana Maynus (Nieporte) [1998]
Karen [kari] Mayo [1998]Melissa Mays [1989]
Danny Maze [1966]Dave Mazzei [1985]
Lisa Mc Clelland (Eads) [1985]Christine Mcafee (Eichert) [1972]
Pamela L Mcallister (Beddard) [1984]Patricia Mcaninch [1984]
Christine M Mcbee (Meyer) [1977]Aimee K Mcbride (Wittekeind) [1992]
Molly Mccabe [1996]Karen Mccaffrey (Lowrey) [1983]
Carmen Mccane [1999]Jeffrey Mccane [2013]
Donald Mccann [1949]Kevin Mccann [1985]
Robert R Mccann [1987]Barbara Mccarthy (Onley) [1978]
Daniel A Mccarthy [1975]Donald Mccarthy [1982]
Cynthia Mccarty (Sumpter) [1969]Timothy M Mccarty [1993]
Deborah G Mcclain (Strunk) [1974]Lisa Mcclain (Acton) [1986]
Nicole A Mcclelland (Martin) [1992]Karen Mccloskey (Moore) [1989]
Joseph Mcclung [1977]Correna Mcclure (Mayes) [1996]
Lisa Mcclurg (Stephens) [1985]Michelle E Mccollom (Bate) [1972]
Kelly L Mcconnal [1983]Daniel T Mccord [1991]
Jacquelyn Mccord (Musselman) [1971]Janet A Mccormick [1960]
Jean L Mccormick (Tedford) [1975]Ariel Mccoy [2013]
Brennan Mccoy [1996]Chris Mccoy [1990]
Laura Mccoy (Simmons) [1996]Patrick Mccoy [1994]
Michelle Mccoy-draper [1995]Beverly Mccracken (Streithorst) [1981]
Kelly A Mccullah [2001]Kristyn Mccullah [2003]
Diane Mccullough (Leonard) [1967]John C Mcdaniel [1968]
Gina Mcdevitt [1993]Duane Mcdonald [1989]
Irene Mcdonald (Aker) [1996]Kenneth A Mcdonald [1983]
Debra [debbie] Mcdonough (La Boiteaux) [1975]James Mcdonough [2013]
Barbara Mcdowell (Lawson) [1964]Jeffry D Mcdowell [1971]
Brenda Mcelfresh (Carter) [1986]Nancy Mcfarland [1969]
Paula J Mcfarland [1971]Kedrick Mcgee [1982]
Gregory Mcghee [1977]Todd Mcgill [1985]
Mychelle A Mcginnis (Mcginnis) [1982]Brent Mcglothin [1991]
Jack Mcgowan [1965]Jeffrey Mcgraw [1981]
Lynn J Mcgraw (Haefner) [1962]Joel Mcgrinder [2013]
Brian Mcguire [1978]Angie Mchale (Hagen) [1989]
Joyce A Mchenry (Barhorst) [1987]Jennifer Mchugh [2003]
Brian Mcintosh [1997]Robin A Mcintosh-howard (Yuellig) [1981]
Glenn R Mcintyre [1975]Jim Mcintyre [1990]
Saundra K Mckay (Pitzer) [1971]Christopher D Mckee [1999]
Doretta M Mckee (Phelps) [1971]Kenneth Mckee [1970]
Michael Mckee [1967]Rebecca A Mckee [1969]
William [thomas] Mckenney [1956]Roland Mckenzie [1959]
James Mckeown [1979]Cheryl Mckewen (Morrissey) [1987]
Don Mckewen [1983]Angela Mckinney (Adams) [1991]
Daniel Mckinney [1997]Emily C Mckinney (Distler) [1992]
Kay H Mckinney (Montag) [1995]Robert L Mckinney [1971]
Shannon Mcknight (Eckerle) [1992]Sandra E Mclaren [1975]
Pamela Mclaughlin (Gregory) [1999]Tim Mcmahon [1983]
Laura Mcmanus (Memory) [1989]Christine Mcmichael (Atkinson) [1970]
Deborah Mcmillan [1972]Valerie Mcmullin (Allen) [2000]
Connie Mcnanie (Schehr) [1965]John Mcnanie [1963]
Jennifer Mcneely (Pieper) [2004]Kerry Mcneil [1990]
Robert Mcneil [1988]Nancy Mcney (Bittner) [1967]
Lorrie Mcnickle (Toothman) [1983]Charles Mcosker [1972]
Maribeth Mcpheters (True) [1982]Michael Mcqueary [1985]
Susan M Mcqueary [1983]Alison Mcqueen (Memory) [2004]
Tami L Mcqueen [1991]Will G Mcqueen [1970]
Valerie Mcroberts (Wald) [1970]Natalie Mcswain (Clippard) [1989]
Amy Mead (Cinnamon) [1992]Kristine Meade (Steadman) [1985]
Robert J [bob] Meade [1979]Ron Meade [1985]
Carolyn Meador (Allard) [1956]Dan Meador [1977]
Douglas Meador [1981]Angela Meadows (Lucius) [1998]
Gregory F Mebs [1977]Cheryl Mechler (Apple) [1977]
David G Mechler [1976]Tony Medecke [1995]
Terri Medlin (Strohofer) [1974]Heather L Meece
James Darrel Meece [2000]Edward Meer [1995]
Curtis E Mefford [1974]Jason Mehlman [1996]
Tapan A Mehta [1987]Tejas Mehta [1992]
Kenneth J Meibers [1997]Mark M Meibers [1999]
Stephanie Meibers (Roeper) [1997]Adam M Meier [2001]
Carla Meier [1964]Cheryl Meier (Emmoms) [1988]
Kathleen E Meinking (Larsgaard) [1966]Robert W Meinking [1966]
Darlene Meister (Sunderhaus) [1952]Gregory A Meister [1984]
Michael Meister [1976]Richard Meister [1952]
Anthony J Melchiorre [1986]Jennifer Mellinger-kaake (Johnson) [1985]
Daniel P Meloy [1983]Michael Meloy [1973]
Gayle Memory (Hartwig) [1961]Michael Memory [1977]
Terri Ann Memory (Figgins) [1981]Beverly A Mendenhall (Reuter) [1976]
Matt Mendenhall [1978]Scott N Mendenhall [1970]
Kristina Menditto (Drinnen) [1992]Kathy Mendoza (Dixon) [1977]
Arthur Menges [1979]Dottie Menkhaus [2005]
Mechelle Menville (Willoughby) [1992]Rebecca Menyhert (Friesen) [1987]
John Mercer [1983]Mary Mercer (Hutchinson) [1984]
Sherri Mercer (Cinnamon) [1985]Mary Meredith (Brestel) [1963]
Robert W Mergy [1993]Connie Merhley [1973]
Phil Merhley [1971]Mary Merideth [1963]
Katie Merkle [2000]Cinde Merkt [1977]
Danny Merkt [1972]Lauren Merkt (Merkt) [2006]
Diane Mers-kelly (Uphus) [1978]Tabitha Mertz [1991]
Pamela Messer (Mckinney) [1972]Troy Messer [1986]
Beverly D Messerschmitt (Taylor) [1976]Richard M [mike] Metcalf [1962]
Brian N Mettey [1987]Catherine Mettey (Rengering) [1984]
Terri Mettey [2000]Janet Metz (Sheppard) [1973]
Peggy Metz (Grimm) [1958]Polly A Metz (Faulhaber) [1973]
Rhonda S Metz (Weiss) [1984]Ken Metzger [1978]
Lauren P Metzger (Revecky) [1997]John R Metzner [1975]
Kenneth R Metzner [1974]Sherry Metzner [2003]
Amy Meyer (Purtell) [1996]Andrea Meyer [1986]
Angela Meyer (Bias) [1982]Anthony Meyer [1986]
Barbara J Meyer [1974]Brian [todd] Meyer [1986]
Brian J Meyer [1989]Bridgett Meyer (Zepf) [1986]
Dan Meyer [1945]Dan Meyer [1993]
Daniel K MeyerGary Meyer [1973]
Gregory Meyer [1982]Heather Meyer [1997]
Janet E Meyer [1976]Jerry Meyer [1993]
Judy Meyer (Biddle) [1958]Karl Meyer [1956]
Katy J Meyer [1995]Mark S Meyer [1977]
Nicole Meyer [2002]Peggy Meyer (Sunderhaus) [1970]
Randall J Meyer [1984]Rich Meyer [1985]
Sandra Meyer (Knierim) [1984]Tom A Meyer [1973]
Beth Meyers [1998]Kenneth Meyers [1960]
Helen M Meyung (Reed) [1987]James Meyung [1972]
Guinevere C Michael [1992]Virginia Michael [1972]
Ellen Michaud (Walker) [1985]Gary Middleton [1984]
Mark Midei [1975]Polly Midkiff (Smith) [1979]
Laura Mieling (Mieling) [1986]Dennis Mikkelson [1984]
Tim Miles [1998]Patti Millar (Beggs) [1974]
Cathy Millard (Beese) [1989]Charles [chip] Millard [1980]
Gary Millard [1982]James R Millard [1995]
Jeffrey A Millard [1988]William Millay [1971]
Amanda Miller (Weber) [1999]Angela M Miller [2001]
Barry Miller [1971]Barry Miller [1988]
Bonny Miller (Koch) [1976]Brian Miller [1986]
Carole Miller (Strattman) [1959]Christine Miller (Reller) [1973]
Connie Miller (Goetz) [1970]Connie Miller (Taylor) [1972]
Connie L Miller (Taylor) [1972]David W [dave] Miller [1979]
Doug Miller [1970]Douglas Miller [1971]
Ellen Miller (Meador) [1979]Gary Miller [1998]
Henry Miller [1977]J. Miller [1982]
Jennifer Miller (Miller) [1989]Jennifer Miller (Bonekamp) [2000]
John G Miller [1990]Judith Miller (Pohlar) [1969]
Kenneth Miller [1982]Lawrence(larry) Miller [1969]
Leanne M Miller (Draut) [1992]Linda I Miller (Potts) [1966]
Lorraine [lori] Miller (Hoerstmann) [1985]Marion Miller (O'shea) [1949]
Mark C Miller [1987]Peter Andrew Miller [1984]
Robert Miller [1986]Roger Miller [1985]
Shaun Miller [2001]Thomas Miller [1981]
Tracey Miller (Stiegler) [1979]Wayne Miller [1980]
Kimi Miller-burke (Miller) [1977]Darlene Miller-hum (Goodale) [1979]
Michael L Milliner [1976]Michelle Milliner (Henderson) [1978]
Ashley Mills (Mills) [1998]Barbara S Mills (Shea) [1979]
Charles Mills [1975]Kelly Mills (Bevis) [1984]
Samantha Mills [2010]Sharon Mills (Koehne) [1974]
Valerie Mills (Baechle) [1995]Cindy Milner-kornfeld (Milner) [1977]
John D Minderman [1993]Adam J Minges [1999]
Alice K Minges [1984]Donald J Minges [1959]
Jennifer Minges (Rumpke) [1984]Joseph Minges [1951]
Ronald Minges [1972]Mark A Minnich [1976]
Shannon K Minor [1993]Omar F Minwalla [1988]
Judy Miracle (Janutolo) [1970]Mike Miranda [1976]
John A Mirizzi [1973]John C Mirizzi [1995]
Michael Mirizzi [1997]Ray F Mirizzi [1973]
John Mirkos [2001]Steve J Mirkos [1995]
Richard Mischell [1968]Bob Mischler [1983]
Christina Mistler [1982]Katharine Mistler [2005]
William E Mistler [1982]Debbi Mitchell (Hoffman) [1981]
Erica Mitchell (Barry) [1999]Jonathan D Mitchell [1982]
Kelly Mitchell [2002]Patricia Mitchell (Beck) [1971]
Thomas Mitchell [1972]Thomas W Mitchell [1987]
Audrey Mitts [1933]Amy M Mizer (Teeters) [1991]
Jaime Moak [2000]Ron W [ronald] Mobley [1966]
Karen Mode (Mode) [1992]Amy Moeller (Dunn) [1979]
J P Moeller [1991]Krista Moeller (Albright) [1997]
Michael A [mike] Moeller [1979]Steve Moeller [1962]
Ted Moeller [1961]Terry W Moeller [1971]
Tyler Moeller [2006]Rebecca Moericke (Dornbusch) [1990]
Marian Mohler (Bross) [1959]Kurt Mohnsam [1984]
Gary Mohr [1967]Nancy Mohr (Greenwell) [1967]
Marilyn Mohring (Maham) [1971]David P Molfenter [1963]
Tom Moll [1962]Amy C Mollica (Osterman) [1994]
Gina Mollman (Mollman) [1996]Christa J Molloy (Hicks) [1980]
Amy M Moloney [1993]Linda P Moloney (Jahn) [1976]
Mistee Molter [1989]Elsa Monaco (Groene) [1962]
Douglas J Monaghan [2001]Michael Monaghan [1990]
Kimberly Moncree (Davis) [1984]Deborah Moning (Cole) [1979]
Jennifer L Monk (Monk) [1993]Anna Monnett (Jones) [1979]
Dale Monroe [1972]Michelle Monroe (Sanders) [1986]
Richard J Montalbano [1977]Abby M Montgomery (Trotter) [1993]
Carolyn S Montgomery (Rosen) [1975]James Montgomery [1960]
Daniel Moody [1968]Jennifer D Moody (Bernhardt) [1969]
Pattie Moon (Hader) [1967]Angela Moore (Dixon) [1984]
Cheryl Moore (Nelson) [1996]David Lee Moore [1964]
Donna Moore (Dastillung) [1974]Elizabeth [liz] Moore (Bradner) [1975]
Jeffrey A Moore [1968]Jonna Moore (Tarpof) [1981]
Kevin Moore [1997]Margie Moore (Jones) [1967]
Michael A Moore [1975]Michael J Moore [1994]
Sandra Moore (Grill) [1964]Steve Moore [1971]
Susan Moore (Moon) [1969]Teresa Moore (Moore) [1970]
Virginia Moore [1976]William Moore [1971]
Pamela J Moorman (Berning) [1981]Teresa Moorman (Berning) [1985]
Maureen E Moormann (Engel) [1985]Karen Moran [1978]
Richard Moran [1983]Scott Moreland [1991]
Terie Moreno (Littlepage) [2001]Cari L Morgan [1993]
Jamie Morgan [1995]Marc J Morgan [1988]
Nancy Morgan (Seibert) [1973]Rachel R Morgan [2004]
Amy Morris (Herman) [1998]Cynthia R Morris (Banks) [1972]
Delesa Morris (Hinkle) [1981]Fred Morris [1996]
Jill R Morris (Staverman) [1978]Karen Morris (Neleigh) [1971]
Nancy Morris (Hamberg) [1979]Phil Morris [1979]
Stephany Morris (Ossenbeck) [1996]Tina Morris (Reece) [1981]
Robin Morrisett [1983]Michelle Morrison [1985]
Eric Mortimer [1984]Donna K Morton (Ashley) [1981]
Kathleen Morton [1980]Ruth K Moschel (Covert) [1972]
Thomas O Moschel [1972]Mark F Moser [1979]
Melissa Moser (Helmers) [1987]David R Motsinger [1967]
Carl R Motz [1960]Richard Mounts [1973]
Jo Ann Mowery (Ashbrook) [1959]Suzanne Moyer [1996]
Dana Muchmore [1997]Richard Muddiman [1978]
Anne Mudgett (Alford) [1959]Charlene Muehlenhard [1969]
David Mueller [1966]Dawn Mueller (Formes) [1969]
Diana S Mueller (Brawn) [1988]Jenny Mueller (Reindel) [1992]
John Mueller [1972]Peter A Mueller [1978]
Stephanie Mueller [2005]Patty Muhleman (Walters) [1962]
Katie Muldoon (Debrandes) [1962]Mike Mullaney [1976]
Tom Mullaney [1977]Andrea Mullins [2003]
Violet Mullins (Stegman) [1995]Caroline Mullis (Strobl) [1964]
Karen Mulvaney (Chubb) [1983]Michael Mulvaney [1973]
Tiffany Muncy [2008]Lori Munro (Baron) [1972]
Dennis Murdock [1995]Amy B Murphy (Mcnanie) [1988]
Christel Murphy (Schiering) [2000]Colleen Murphy (Bolte) [1985]
Dave Murphy [1996]Dennis Murphy [1969]
Janet B Murphy (Covert) [1966]Michael Murphy [1988]
Shirley J Murphy [1966]William Murphy [1985]
Charles E [chuck] Murray [1978]Dean Murray [1987]
Greg Murray [1965]James (jenelle) Murray [1970]
Michael L Murray [1974]Jenny Muse (Hershberger) [1996]
Nick Musuraca [1997]Carl Myers [1980]
Carla J Myers [1988]Esther Myers (Williams) [1966]
Jay Myers [1982]Paul Myers [1955]
Sarah Myers (Henry) [1998]Beth A Myers Graham [1990]
Jane Myles (Boyers) [1979]Pam Naber (Aichholz) [1976]
Paula Naber [1982]Sue Nadler (Bolte) [1967]
George Naegele [1984]Douglas Nagel [1996]
Kathy Nanry (Wenneman) [1982]Debra [ann] Napier (Schirmer) [1982]
Tim Napier [1976]Todd Napier [1982]
Marlene Nasello (Taylor) [1970]Johanna Nash (Mckinney) [1995]
Laura A Navarro (Rockey) [1994]John Nawrocki [1962]
Donald Neal [1965]Roger Neal [1962]
Stephen E Neal [1993]William Neale [1960]
Lisa L Neaves (Manning) [1984]Charles R [rick] Neeley [1979]
Norman D Neely [1971]Neil Nehrer [1987]
Raouf Neirouz [1977]Mary Jo Nelson (Reis) [1983]
Phyllis J Nelson [1968]Raelene Neu (Amrein) [1976]
Daniel T Neubauer [1990]David C Neufarth [1967]
Robert B Neugebauer [1970]Brian A Neumann [1991]
Christine Neumann (Brenner) [1986]Jennifer E Neumann (Burles) [1991]
Renae Neumann [1984]Bruce C Neumeister [1972]
Joanne Neus (Bowsky) [1983]Leland [craig] Nevels [1970]
Eric New [2013]Dean Newberry (Newberry) [1961]
Michael Newberry [1959]Jacquelyn Newcomb (Schultz) [1966]
Nicholas Newell [1985]Cherie Newman (Lafleur) [1991]
Sharon Newman (Lohrum) [1967]Pamela Newport [1997]
Peggy Newsome (Auble) [1977]Dee Newton (Wake) [1974]
Maria Newton (Thorpe) [1983]Thomas Neyer [1981]
Vickie Neyer (Hofmann) [1981]Shelli Niblett (Nichols) [1982]
Mark Nicastro [1975]Marcia Nichols (Murphy) [1985]
Garvin B Nickell [1985]Tracey Nickell (Sohngen) [1987]
Dolores Niederschmidt (Duecker) [1960]Elizabeth Niehaus (Johnson) [2003]
Herbert Niehaus [1974]Lisa Niehaus (Lager) [1977]
Brent Nieman [1973]Joellen Nieman (Macke) [1964]
Michelle K Nieman (Van) [1995]Ryan Niemer [1993]
Jim Niemeyer [1967]Richard D Niemeyer [1958]
Toni D Niemeyer (Runyon) [1966]Deborah S Nienaber (Koch) [1981]
Glenn A Nienaber [1976]Diane Nieporte (Ibold) [1973]
Michael Nies [1993]Vicki R Nikolaus (Holmes) [1973]
Wayne Niswander [1990]Charles A Noble [1968]
Michael Noble [1985]Victoria Noble (Donworth) [1976]
Elizabeth (beth) Nocero (Deitemeier) [1978]John [jay] Noel [1996]
Christopher Noelcke [2000]Rae Nogueira (Wullenweber) [1992]
Brandi Nolan [2002]Gail Nolte [1975]
Jeffrey Nolte [1997]Lauren Nolte [1982]
Steven E Nolte [1994]Jennifer Noonan (Sermersheim) [1999]
Judith Noonan (Brestel) [1956]Austin Nordman [2010]
Jack Norris [1966]Leonard North [1984]
Lilaine North (Humphrey) [1956]Robert E Norton [1973]
Stacy L Noschang [1999]Jim M Noth [1966]
Fred M Novakov [1977]Patrick Novosel [2002]
Michael Noyes [1992]Deon Nuckols [1986]
Rick J Nullmeier [1974]Elaine Nunneker (Leining) [1965]
Katherine Nutt [2010]Mary Nutt (Hales) [1982]
Oneaster(tena) Nutter (Drummer) [1986]Lyn E Nutting (Staudigel) [1968]
Diane Nye (Gramke) [1975]Cathy O'brien [1971]
Erik M O'brien [1992]Kristen O'brien [2000]
Leah Rhnee O'brien (Copley) [1982]Margaret R O'brien [1994]
Michael P O'brien [1970]Rhnee O'brien (Copley) [1982]
Sandy O'brien (Adkins) [1964]Carrie M O'connell (Wilson) [1994]
Christopher O'connor [1995]Kelly O'connor (Smith) [1997]
Kenneth O'connor [1971]Lisa O'connor (Diersing) [1984]
Rod O'connor [1973]Chris O'dell [1978]
Scott O'dell [1977]Tim P O'neal [1971]
Shawna O'neill-dam (Sellins) [1977]Daniel R O'shea [1994]
Angelina Oakes (Pfeiffer) [1988]Robert L Oakes [1971]
Angelique E Oaks [1994]John Oaks [1982]
Tommy L Oaks [1990]Stephanie Ober (Lighthall) [1999]
Lance D Oberdiear [1976]Kristine [kris] Oberkorn [1986]
Margaret Obert (Sterwerf) [1968]Dennis A Ochs [1969]
Robert Ochs [1946]Wayne L Odell [1978]
Phyllis Odenbeck (Bachman) [1970]David [dave] Oder [1981]
Karen Oder (Poole) [1987]Monica Oder (Poole) [1983]
Paula Odle (Kitterman) [1973]Angela Oehler (Schube) [1978]
Dan T Oehler [1973]Jeffrey Oehler [1976]
Patty Oehler (Coyle) [1974]Phyllis Oehlman (Shelton) [1964]
Barb Oehschlaeger-garvey (Oehlschlaeger) [1974]Gary Oeters [1968]
Kim A Offhaus (Bollinger) [1984]Dennis Ohlmansiek [1970]
Debra Ohmer (Marcum) [1972]Emily Oishi (Spiros) [1966]
Karen Olberding [1981]Marc A Olden [1971]
Phillip Olden [1960]Julie A Oldendick (Meyer) [1992]
Matt Oldendick [1989]Debbie Oldiges (Kolb) [1968]
Andrea Olding [1998]Tonni Oligee (Yaeger) [1965]
Sheryl Oliver (Budke) [1989]Beth Oliverio (Sammons) [1987]
Lisa Oliverio (Huber) [1988]Mary T Oliverio (Herbert) [1987]
Jaime Ollendick [1996]Megan E Ollendick [1999]
Linda K Ollgaard (Heath) [1971]Susan J Ollier [1988]
Andrew W Olsen [1995]Jane E Olson (Carmosino) [1970]
Sandy Oppelt [1974]Deborah Orme (Seng) [1984]
Kathleen Ormond (Rahn) [1964]Kerry Ormond [1990]
Eric Ornella [2006]John A Ornella [1979]
Wally Ornella [1975]Sherri Orr (Ellison) [1985]
Rhonda Orth (Easter) [1975]Wilfried Ortlepp [1966]
Nancy Oryan (Taylor) [1966]Barb Osborn [1978]
Cindy Osborn (Howe) [1981]Cynthia A Osborn (Hogue) [1991]
Vicki Osborn (Garrison) [1969]Mindy Osborne (Osborne) [1982]
Rachel Oscherwitz [1998]Jason D Ossege [2001]
Pat Ossenschmidt (Siller) [1960]Wayne A Ossenschmidt [1976]
Gary C Ostendorf [1969]Daniel Osterbrock [2005]
Michele Ostman (Mahoney) [1983]Daniel R Ott [1992]
Joyce Ott (Braun) [1962]Mark Ott [1996]
Rebecca Ott (Clippard) [1992]Ronald Ott [1959]
Tricia Ott (Ott) [1994]Jennifer Otte (Monning) [1984]
Joyce Otte (Ruehl) [1972]Kimberly E Otte (Lynch) [1980]
Vicki L Otten (Miller) [1976]Greg Otting Jr [1991]
Promedica Labs - Tol. Outp [1980]Elaine Owen [1966]
Joseph A Owen [1977]Amanda Owens (Owens) [1992]
Brenda Owens (York) [1971]Edith [darleen] Owens (Peaslee) [1971]
Gayle Owens (Dudley) [1961]Jenny Owens (Robers) [1979]
Richard Owens [1966]Trista Owens (Moeves) [1989]

NOTE: This list is for classmates to communicate and stay in touch with one another.
Please do not use it for mass mailings or solicitations.
Thank you.

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