Finding “Yourself” Directions

  1. Enter first name, current last name (or maiden name), and graduating year.
  2. If this fails – Enter First name, put your maiden name in the last name box, and graduating year.
  3. If this fails – Enter first name, maiden name in maiden name box, graduating year (forget your last name).
  4. If this fails Enter only the first few letters of your last name, and graduating year.
  5. If this fails and you are divorced – enter your first name, your divorced name in the last name box, and your graduating year.
  6. If all this fails – Use the “Contact Us” link (on the left) and send your first name, last name, maiden name, address, city, zipcode, and graduating year to the Alumni Association. If you want to add your phone number and e-mail that is optional. We will either find you or add you to the database.
  7. Reasons we may not have your name:
    • It is misspelled.
    • We simply do not have you in our database.
    • We do not have a graduating year for you.